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College Crossecast Ep. 6: Everything's on Fire

This past week was nuts. This podcast tries to capture the nuttiness.

College lacrosse, pictured.
College lacrosse, pictured.
K.C. Green/Gunshow

So this was one whale of a week in college lacrosse.

Last week on College Crossecast we hyped up this past weekend as a "Super" weekend of lacrosse. We hyped up Syracuse-Virginia. We even hyped up the SoCon. Did all of those things live up to the hype? Oh yes it did.

We go piece by piece into a wild stretch of games that saw Richmond top Duke, Towson make a claim for the best team in Baltimore, and the unimaginable reality that is Johns Hopkins beating Princeton at Homewood. (Ed. Note: Special shout out to Jayskrem aka @_JASTdoit_. We introduce him around the 1:58:00.  Jayskrem's first post is going up today.)  Additionally we lobby for more neutral site games up in Canada like Vermont and Canisius did this week. We also take a quick gander at the polls and take a look at what should be another great weekend highlighted by Denver-Notre Dame. And by Denver-Notre Dame we mean Hofstra-Stony Brook in the Battle of Long Island.  (Ed. Note: #EastCoastBias.)

Give our nifty two hour and fifteen minute podcast a listen by clicking here or by checking it out in the embedded player below:

We've also got our Spotify playlist at the ready and we're paying tribute to the one and only Notorious B.I.G. this week with some of his classics and other Brooklyn rap mainstays (and also Blink 182 for reasons). Listener discretion is advised because only the unedited versions are around for Biggie because quite frankly even the censors weren't on his level.