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The College Crossecast New Jersey and Johns Hopkins Univ. Special with Liquid_Smoke

There's lots of talk about Johns Hopkins and New Jersey. Except it's not just Eri_Barrister this time. We've got Liquid_Smoke to join us.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Have you had enough of your fill of hearing a College Crossecast filled with references to Johns Hopkins and New Jersey? Too bad.

College Crosse contributor Liquid_Smoke joins us for a Crossecast special to share how he fell in love with the sport of lacrosse, his favorite Johns Hopkins memories, and shares some of his favorite movies, TV shows, and songs. Oh yes, there's also plenty of New Jersey banter to go around.

You can listen to this episode by clicking here or by listening right below.

We've also added Smoke's selection to the ska playlist as well as some of his all-time favorites to the Spotify playlist, which you can give a listen to below. Some songs contain explicit lyrics yatta yatta yatta you know the deal by now.