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The College Crosse Aggregation Of Week 5 Polls & Summation For March 14, 2016.

How tight is your poll?

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(Ed. Note: Bolded teams are College Crosse Big Board Certified Dimes (®).

College Crosse Aggregation of Week 5 Polls for March 14, 2016.
Rank Lacrosse Magazine USILA Poll Doc_Lunchbox Inside Lacrosse Eri_Barrister
1 Denver Denver Denver Denver Denver
2 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Syracuse
3 Syracuse Syracuse Yale Syracuse Notre Dame
4 Yale Yale Syracuse Yale Brown
5 Brown Brown Brown Brown Yale
6 Maryland Villanova Villanova Maryland Maryland
7 Villanova Maryland Maryland Villanova Johns Hopkins
8 Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Albany Johns Hopkins Villanova
9 Duke Duke Boston U. Towson Towson
10 Towson Towson Johns Hopkins Albany Albany
11 Loyola Albany Towson Duke Hofstra
12 Hofstra Hofstra Stony Brook Hofstra Duke
13 Albany Stony Brook Hofstra Loyola Stony Brook
14 North Carolina Harvard Harvard Harvard Loyola
15 Boston U. Loyola Richmond Stony Brook North Carolina
16 Stony Brook Boston U. Duke Boston U. Boston U.
17 Harvard North Carolina Loyola North Carolina Harvard
18 Richmond Rutgers Rutgers Richmond Richmond
19 High Point Richmond Marquette Rutgers Marquette
20 Penn State Penn State Army Penn State Rutgers


  • Major Guest List News. Shout out to Richmond! The Spiders appear on all 5 polls helped in large part by their huge win over Duke last Monday. Good job by Richmond to avoid any emotional letdown this past weekend when they took care of Jacksonville, 12-6. Additionally, welcome back Penn State! Dropping Harvard in OT was just what the Nittany Lions needed to get back on the Big Board.

  • #2. I don't see much different between teams 2-5, but you have to slot them, so I put Syracuse as my #2 this week. Denver's been my #1 all year long, therefore I didn't see a 1 slot drop for ND to be too much of a punishment. Further, while I believe ND is a Final Four team, their wins so far have come against teams with a combined record of 7-16. Syracuse's wins have come against teams with a combined record of 13-17. Though I don't see much separating teams 2-5, I just found Syracuse's 3 Ws (UVA, Albany, and Army) to be a bit more impressive than ND's big win over Maryland, so that is why they are my number 2 this week.

  • Brown. I got nothing against Yale and they did nothing wrong, but I'm really impressed with Brown and felt they deserved the #4 spot this week. Yale has the marquee win, that's undeniable, nevertheless, Brown's offense is playing on another level right now and I think if those two met today, Brown would win. I just think the Bears are playing really well offensively and they are a very dangerous team. So I gave them the edge this week.

Bragging Rights.