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B1G BOSSES Do BIG Interviews.

The Big Ten's 2016 preview continues as the BTN released interviews with every Big Ten head coach today. THANKS MR. DELANY!!

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

What's the point of having a Death Star if you don't blow up an Alderaan every now and then, amirite? Mr. Delany, over at the Big Ten, must share my thoughts as the Big Ten took its network out for a spin today and Tweeted out video interviews with every conference head coach this afternoon. 

The Big Ten did a similar roll-out last year, and given the great success the conference had last tournament (1/2 of the Final Four, and 4-0 against the ACC in #TheBigBBQ2015.  COME @ ME!!), it only made sense they ran it back this year. The ACC is still the best conference but the B1G is going into 2016 with a lot of momentum.

Below is @B1GLacrosse's Tweet from this afternoon and Petro's interview (naturally). Additionally, below the Petro Tweet, I hyperlinked the videos for the other 5 coach interviews as well.

    (Ed. Note: I love that "How would you guard Ryan Brown in your prime?" question near the 4:00 mark.)

Overall I would say videos were pretty good.