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The College Crosse Cast, Ep. 1: 2016 Season Preview.

Introducing College Crosse's new weekly podcast, The College Crosse Cast! ! In episode 1, Ryan and Eri give you a preview of the 2016 season.

We've got a new treat for you here at College Crosse for the 2016 season. It's a new weekly podcast hosted by site manager @Eri_Barrister and myself, (@RyanMcD29), called (creatively enough) The College Crosse Cast!

Each episode we'll dive into the week that was in college lacrosse, look ahead to what's around the corner, and add in whatever fun conversations that come to mind about sports and pop culture along the way. (Ed. Note: The banter is quite lit.) We'll have some serious discussion about the big news but have some fun to go along with it.

We're doing our 2016 season preview in our first episode. Eri and I take a look at the preseason top 20 polls, go through the conferences, make our final four predictions, and talk about how we fell in love with this great sport. We've also got some other goodies for you, like some Super Bowl talk.

Check out the episode below or at this link.

You can subscribe to The College Crosse Cast on the Podomatic website in the link above and we're hoping to get it up and going on iTunes in the not too distant future to make it easier to access as well.

We've also launched the College Crosse Spotify playlist to compliment the podcast. This week's theme is "Warmup Songs". You can check that out as well in the playlist below. (Ed. Note: We tried our best but we couldn't get clean versions of all the songs. So whether you are an OG or a young professional, you probably shouldn't be blasting these bangers at work or when you're driving junior to lax practice.)