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The College Crossecast Ep. 4: Talkin' Bout The Polls.

If you were expecting us to be like everybody else and have a discussion on this week's poll, you're right.

Crossecast after-dark is so flames! Anything can happen!!
Crossecast after-dark is so flames! Anything can happen!!
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*Ed. Note: We obviously missed out on the second half /OT High Point fun but it was amazing turning my phone on and watching it melt when I finally checked Twitter after taping. HPU went final while we were taping, but only Ryan had Twitter on, so everything you hear after the news drops is the freshest of HOTTAKES. Needless to say this is an extra hot pod when you add all the polls #Banter. (You're a top 20 team to me, OSU!!)

We apologize for not responding to everyone's great Tweets.  But for the taping, you KNOW we would've been going nuts right alongside you otherwise. Regardless, we just wanted to say how much we appreciate all the love. We love you all right back. The first Tweet below is the last one I sent before turning the phone off. When I turned it on and saw HPU's response I knew Twitter was going to be amazing..  Shout out to Mercer and all the other teams in the SoCon. We told you to keep an eye on the the SoCon games yesterday in the game thread! 3-0 last night!! SOCON! Enjoy the Pod!! Prospectus coming up soon.  #HaveNotsLacrosse2016*

Have you heard enough debate over UNC and Hofstra in the polls this week? Yes? Too bad, we're talking about that.

This week on College Crossecast we drop our two cents in on the whole poll issue and whether or not Hofstra's win over UNC warrants both teams to be where they are in the polls. We also look back on Denver's win over Duke in a game that lived up to the hype, Loyola's Charles Street victory over Johns Hopkins, and Ohio State's big loss out of nowhere to UMass. Additionally, we show some love to the SoCon, America East, and CAA as we go through all the results of the week.

There's also a look ahead to this weekend's slate of games, highlighted by Maryland-Yale, a game that should be a high scoring affair between Brown and Stony Brook, North Carolina and Johns Hopkins in a crucial matchup of columbia blue teams, and a now extremely intriguing game between Princeton and Hofstra on Hempstead Turnpike. If that wasn't enough, we try and will the Academy to finally giving Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar.

(Ed. Note: You'll also hear a shout out to our new contributor, @Aepstein with around 15-17 minutes left on the pod. We wanted to give him one at the beginning but the High Point stuff at the beginning knocked us for a loop. @Aepstein is on the Masthead now but look for his content in March, here is a link to a recent article he wrote about who owns Lebron James' tatoos. He's a fantastic reporter and we're excited to have him on the squad.)

You can check out this week's edition of College Crossecast here or subscribe on iTunes to get it as soon as we wrap up recording on Tuesday nights.

For this week's additions to the Spotify playlist, we added our favorite running songs! As usual, parental discretion is advised. (Ed. Note: One thing we do at College Crosse is provide notice!) Unlike usual, Ryan's the one adding songs you shouldn't play in front of your 3 year old nephew instead of Eri. (Ed. Note: Shout out, Kesha!)