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The College Crosse Scoreboard For February 21, 2016

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Stocks rising!
Stocks rising!
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(Ed Note: As always, all rankings based off the USILA/BOSSES Poll.)

Scoreboard For February 21, 2016
Time Box Score Winning Team Recap
12:00 VMI 3 vs. #Army 22 Army Recap
12:00 Delaware 1 vs. #16 Navy 5 Navy Recap
1:00 St. John's 6 vs. #19 Stony Brook 14 Stony Brook Recap
4:00 #12 Albany 7 vs. #6 Syracuse 16 Syracuse Recap

Beasts Of The day.

  • Stony Brook. The Seawolves dismantled St. John's today. Everybody got to eat as 9 different Stony Brook players registered at least one point. The Seawolves may have some LI company in the top 20, but they are still a team to be feared. 

  • Being at home. All four road teams loss today, but it was the dominating way they did so that was so impressive. VMI gets a pass as it was their second game in as many days, but Delaware & St. John's only combined for 5 points all day as they were shutdown on both ends of the field. Albany had its moments in their game against the Orange, but even the Danes got worked a bit towards the end. Winning on the road is tough in D1. 

  • Syracuse's shooting gallery. The Orange just unloaded on Blaze Riorden today, who actually made 17 saves and quietly had a very solid game through the first 2 quarters. But Syracuse was relentless and kept popping the trunk, finishing the game with a 59 to 25 shot advantage.
Hitters list.
  • Cole Johnson, Connor Cook, and Nate Jones, Army. All 3 Knights with at least 4 goals today. Cole also notched an assist against VMI.

  • Challen Rogers, Alex Corpolongo, Stony Brook. Both Challen and Alex had excellent games today in leading the Seawolves to victory over St. John's.  Rogers finished with a hat-trick and 4 As on the day, for 7 points. While Corpolongo had 4 Gs and 1 A today against the Johnnies. 

  • Derek DeJoe, Nick Mariano, Syracuse. Dylan was Dylan, but the Orange received first-ever hat-tricks from both Derek and Nick today in their win over Albany. While this was a close one early on, but both players helped to make it a rout by recording 2 Gs each in the 2nd half.

  • Ben Williams. Another spectacular day for Mr. Williams. Ben won 17/24 and was 11 for 11 at one point in the game. Williams is going to be an issue for opposing teams all year long.
  • The fans. Seriously, fans from both sides killed it today.