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The College Crosse Game Day Open Thread For February 19, 2016.

Game Day!

Seahawks v. Leopards today!
Seahawks v. Leopards today!
Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

(Ed. Note: Thread went up early as I will miss the start of the game. But I will be on Twitter/the comments section when things start getting hectic.)

February 19, 2016
Time Game Stream/TV/Live Stat Link
4:00 Wagner at Lafayette Patriot League Network

Team Previews.

  • Wagner v. Seahawks 2015 Highlight reel.
College Crosse Game Of The Day.
  • Wagner v. Lafayette. It's the only game of the menu but there are major stakes at play today. Will we be eating dinner in a 2-0 Wagner world? Just imagine the GIFs that will be unleashed on Twitter if Wagner beats the Leopards. 
Super Curation tonight!
I felt even though there was only one game today, Wagner looking to stay unbeaten was too important a game not to document.  Additionally, I didn't get to post last night's Curation, so we are going to combine yesterday's Jacksonville v. St. John's game with today's game for a Super Curation.  SEND ALL YOUR HOTTAKES to @SexyTimeLax .... Yes, all of them!

Wagner is undefeated and on the verge of being 2-0.  What a world, huh? .... and they said a lit lacrosse season was just fantasy.