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The College Crossecast Ep. 2: The #SPRINGSPORT/Gravity Falls Episode

Ryan and Eri break down a thriller in Annapolis, debate the fact there's lacrosse games in the dead cold of early February, and spend 5 minutes trying to convince you to become addicted to Gravity Falls for the finale.

We swear Alex Hirsch and Jason Ritter aren't paying us to plug the Gravity Falls finale.
We swear Alex Hirsch and Jason Ritter aren't paying us to plug the Gravity Falls finale.
Mike Windle/Getty Images

Good news, everyone. We didn't kill off College Crossecast after one episode! (Ed. Note: And we didn't get sued!! ........Yet! But we're always lawyered up just in case.) In fact, we've got an another hour and a half of lacrosse talk up ahead in the 2nd edition of College Crossecast!

In this week's episode, Eri and I dive into the first weekend of the college lacrosse season, highlighted by a double overtime thriller between Johns Hopkins and Navy. We then debate the lacrosse world's favorite debate– playing regular season games in early February. From there we take a peek at this weekend's slate of games, most of which have swapped over to Friday, and pick some winners.

We also talk a little football, a little basketball, and too much Gravity Falls. We even introduce our listeners to the College Crossecast Drinking Game, which is intended for audiences 21+, involves only water, and uses sips instead of chugs.

You can listen to the podcast here, or log on to iTunes to subscribe. You can listen to College Crossecast up to 12 hours earlier by subscribing on iTunes, too!

And for this week's Spotify playlist additions, we're going local with our favorite Long Island and Philly/Jersey songs! And Blink 182, too. Because one of us thinks Eagles fandom means Philadelphia roots. (Ed. Note: If you're an Eagles fan it counts! What's up, Mr. Hoppus!!)

(Ed. Note: Parental advisory. Some explicit lyrics.)