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ESPN Releases Part Of Their 2016 Men's Lacrosse Schedule.

Take a bow, everybody .... WE DID IT!

Spencer Platt/Getty Images


It looks like all our complaining and polite cyber-bullying respectful Tweeting finally paid off, as ESPN released a portion of their upcoming men's lacrosse lineup.  Hey I know it's not everything but lovers of non-revenue sports can't be choosy I am grateful either way.

Below is a chart of the games listed so far. Moreover, please click this link for the full February ESPN3 list, which also contains information on NLL and Women's D1 games. Also, shout out to all my people in those LaxPower streets for passing along the link. As DJ Khaled would say ...

To the Chartmobile!

Partial ESPN 2016 Schedule
Date/Time Game Channel
Feb. 13. 1:00 PM Siena vs. Syracuse ESPN3
Feb. 14. 1:00 PM Lehigh vs. Duke ESPN3
Feb. 14. 6:00 PM Monmouth vs. Jacksonville ESPN3
Feb. 18. 3:00 PM Jacksonville v. St. John's ESPN3
Feb. 21. 4:00 PM Albany vs. Syracuse ESPN3
Feb. 27. 1:00 PM Duke vs. Jacksonville ESPN3
Feb. 28. 12:00 PM North Carolina vs. Johns Hopkins ESPNU
Feb. 28. 4:00 PM Army vs. Syracuse ESPN3
March 01. 7:00 PM Mercer vs. Duke ESPN3

(Home teams bolded)

Hopefully, ESPN, the Big Ten Network, CBSSports, Bravo, HGTV, and all the other corporate overlords beloved tv stations release their FULL D1 schedules soon. *COUGH COUGH THE SEASON STARTS THIS WEEK COUGH COUGH*

Until that day, practice hard and of course, keep your ear to the grindstone.