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College Crosse Prospectus: Former Tufts Players Talk About Moving To Coaching

All the lax news and then some for December 9, 2016.

TMS Annual Tree Lighting and Grant Ceremony Photo by Sarah Crabill/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

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Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is a lacrosse fan.


Some teams are spreading holiday cheer!

While others are preparing for the regular season!

UMass Lowell gives back to the community!

While Michigan already has their new posters!

While UNC has gotten the commemorative locker at the US Lacrosse headquarters.

The Inside Lacrosse staff debated who the Coach of the Year was in all three NCAA Divisions. Zach Babo gave his D1 vote to Lars Tiffany.

DI: Lars Tiffany, Brown — In entertainment, awards ceremonies started essentially as promotional events put together by studios to increase prestige and interest for their industry. If we applied a standard like that to lacrosse, Lars Tiffany wins this running away (pun intended). The style of play Brown let loose all year was fun, exciting, and buzz worthy. By the end of the season, nearly every lacrosse conversation I had would find some way to tap into what the Bears were doing. Tiffany helped showcase the sport at its most enjoyable, and not only did he give fans a treat, but his team was GOOD. Like one OT goal away from playing in an NCAA Championship good. The 2016 Brown Bears were a net positive for the sport, and, perhaps more encouragingly, their style seems to be appealing to other programs, as more and more coaches talk about “playing fast.” For that, Tiffany gets a big ‘thank you’ from me (and I’d guess many others) and this accolade.

Joe Breschi, UNC

Shawn Nadelen, Towson

We had our own award debates earlier in the year with your 2016 Crosseys. We recommend you read part 1 and part 2.

Former Tufts players and new Jumbos assistant coaches John Uppgren and Jon Sax talk about their quick transition from playing on the field to coaching on the sidelines, from Yuan Jun Chee of The Tufts Daily.

Uppgren and Sax, both newly appointed as assistant coaches to the Tufts men’s lacrosse team this year, feel the same way about the lacrosse team that Brown does about the soccer team. The lacrosse team has a tradition of Tufts players going on to be coaches at Tufts, according to Uppgren. That helped Uppgren and Sax make up their minds about joining the coaching staff.

“We’ve had a great tradition of Tufts players being coaches at Tufts, so that was something that sparked my interest early,” Uppgren said. “It seemed like a great way to stay involved in the program and the game itself, so when the staff cleared out this summer, it seemed like a great way to start, and there’s no place I’d rather be at, so everything lined up.”

According to Sax, an added benefit is that former players are familiar with the program, which allows them to work better with the team in general.

“We play a very unique style. There’s no indoctrination or reordering of thinking that needs to take place [for] us, as we kind of already know the system, which is a huge advantage,” Sax said. “It’s personal to us — we love Tufts lacrosse, we love the program. It’s not just ‘it’s just coaching, it’s just my paycheck,’ it’s also our family. Tufts lacrosse is family to us, and we want to do everything to protect the success we built here. The guys know that we are family too, so that’s a huge advantage.”

Congrats to Mercer for signing McKenna Moon during their Team IMPACT Draft Day event!


Philly native DJ Jazzy Jeff is okay with Arby’s using the theme song to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’


John Glenn, an American space hero, passed away at the age of 95.

Robin Williams and Tupac were arrested in Arizona for having a ton of marijuana. You read that right (although they’re not the people you think they are).


James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series continues, this time with Madonna.

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