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College Crosse Prospectus - December 25, 2016: MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HANUKKAH!!!

Chris’ take on Syracuse’s schedule, lots of videos, and plenty more!!

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!!! Thanks for making us a part of your holiday. Here are your links for December 25, 2016.

College Crosse News.

Let’s start things off with a classic. HIT IT, ADAM!!

The Kid Chris broke down Syracuse’s 2017 schedule. Make sure you check it out.

Check out this new documentary on the 50 year history of the UConn men’s lacrosse team.

Shout out to Adam for calculating the average ranking of our College Crosse Preseason Rankings. UNC’s the consensus #1

Pretty interesting post about the untold story about how the UC Berkeley field hockey field was turned into space for the lacrosse team.

From 2013-15, Maxwell — at the time the home field for UC Berkeley’s field hockey team — was rebuilt in order to construct a parking garage beneath the field. Initially, administrators planned to build a field hockey space on top of the garage, but in 2013, they chose to change the field from a specialized field hockey turf to a multipurpose turf that could be used for football and women’s lacrosse practices.
“Many more sports, both female and male, can use a multi-purpose field than the turf and field that is specific to field hockey,” Wilton said in an email sent Dec. 17, before Barbour’s statement was released.
Barbour, now the athletic director at Pennsylvania State University, said that at the time, she chose to maintain Maxwell as a field hockey space after the reconstruction, but that her decision was overruled by Wilton. Instead, Wilton decided to convert the field into a space now lined for football and lacrosse, Barbour said.

A new old school video featuring Syracuse & Towson from 1996 was uploaded yesterday.

Since it’s Christmas, here’s another FRESH old school video, the 1988 regular season game between UNC & Syracuse.

I love this old video of the GAWD, Paul Gait, describing what indoor lacrosse is like.

Inside Hockey does a post on lacrosse and the Tavares family. You might recognize the author of the post.

Depending on which sports social circle one is in, the name John Tavares could mean something very different.

For hockey fans, or the vast majority of mainstream sports fans, that is the name of a New York Islanders center who is the former first overall pick in the NHL. Tavares has developed to become one of the premier players in hockey.

For lacrosse fans, it means the all time leading scorer in the National Lacrosse League and an icon in professional lacrosse after being drafted by the Buffalo Bandits in 1992.

Between the two, while the younger Tavares, the nephew of the Bandits’ legend, lacrosse is a family affair.

“I have a big passion for it,” said Tavares before the Islanders game in Boston last week. “As a kid growing up I never liked one better. I played two different sports at two different times of the year and enjoyed both. Obviously I have an uncle that I really look up to so I have a great appreciation of lacrosse players and those guys as athletes.”

What’s Up, Philly?

A popular Philly fitness club unexpectedly shut down and club members are not taking it well.

ESPN trolled Philly fans with a fake 30 For 30 on the infamous “Eagles fans throw snowballs at Santa” story.

World/National News.

Actress and writer Carrie Fisher is in the ICU after a heart attack while on a flight from London to LA.

Your GIF for December 25, 2016: When you get exactly what you wanted for Christmas.

That’s it for today!! Have a great day with your loved ones! Let’s close it out with another classic.

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