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COLLEGE CROSSECAST EP. 29: The Great Holiday Debates with Adam Epstein

Ryan, Eri, and Adam ring in the holidays with some fun filled talk regarding holiday specials

Franklin Road Christmas Lights 2016 Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

As you very well know, the holidays are upon us. Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah are next Saturday and you’re probably getting excited just reading that. So allow us to provide you with an auditory gift to bide the time.

College Crossecast brings you a holiday special with a twist. Rather than dive into lacrosse like we should have (don’t worry, training camps kick off as soon as winter break is over), we’re talking Christmas and holiday entertainment. Ryan and Eri are joined by Adam Epstein to debate the best and worst in music, movies, and television.

If all that didn’t get your attention, we’ve got plenty of hot takes for you to go around and debate among yourselves. Oh yes, we’ve got underrated and overrated categories because nothing says the holidays like arguing over the Internet. We also dive into the, well, shallow world of Hanukkah stuff as well as a glimpse into Adam’s recommendations for winter movie trips.

You can subscribe to College Crossecast on iTunes at any time, check it out at this link, or simply listen to it on the player below.