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Bill Belichick Does Interview In A Personalized Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Sweatshirt.

America’s already great!

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off of helping Tom Brady get his 200th career victory over the Jets, the greatest coach of the modern era was spotted decked out in a personalized Johns Hopkins University Lacrosse sweatshirt during his interview with WEEI.

Bill Belichick’s love for lacrosse is is certainly not breaking news. He used to play on the Wesleyan men’s team, his daughter Amanda also played at Wesleyan and is now the head coach for the Holy Cross women’s program, and his son Stephen played at Rutgers. Moreover coach Belichick has a close friendship with JHU coach Dave Pietramala and is frequently seen at Homewood Field for big games.

However, given the fact that College Crosse is littered with Hopkins & Patriots homers, we would be remiss if we didn’t post anytime coach conspicuously showed off his JHU/lacrosse sartorial sense. Besides, this is a great excuse to look back at some of coach’s best lacrosse-related hits.

I personally loved when he stunted on everyone in this CRISP baby blue sweatshirt during the 2014 AFC coaches breakfast.

He rocked a LOVELY Hopkins cap in Philly for the 2015 Final Four game between JHU & Maryland.

This Rutgers lacrosse jacket was on point.

There was the awesome Overtime special with Paul Carcaterra from earlier this year.

Don’t forget .... there is a lacrosse field in Uganda and a film room at Johns Hopkins dedicated to coach Belichick. #GrowTheGame

I see you Trinity Lacrosse.

Honestly, regardless of who you root for in the the NFL, if you’re a lacrosse fan, you gotta admit that it’s pretty great that the best coach in the NFL is an unabashed lacrosse fan. Definitely gives the sport some street cred. For someone not directly involved in the lax game, he’s done more than just about anyone (besides the people associated with MTV’s Teen Wolf), to help grow the game and increase it’s exposure the last several years.

With former PSU lacrosse player & current New England Patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan making plays, the Final Four in Foxboro, and coach Belichick over there draping himself in lacrosse gear like he’s ready to fire off some #SpringSport Tweets, New England is definitely lacrosse nation’s team to root for in the playoffs this year. Besides, the possibility of Roger Goodell handing the trophy to Belichick/Brady after all the insanity of Deflate-gate is something all of America can get behind. Go Pats!