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Police Are Investigating Threatening Emails Sent To Roswell, GA Lacrosse Players.

Ugly news out of Georgia.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that threatening emails were sent to members of a recreational lacrosse team in Roswell, GA.

Roswell police say specific threats were made against players on a high school lacrosse team.

Someone sent emails saying he or she would kill family members of Centennial lacrosse players, Channel 2 Action News reported.

Roswell police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Holland told Channel 2 the sender might have been joking, but police take it seriously.

While police are investigating the incident, they note that it may be difficult to identify the individual/individuals who made the threats given that “there are so many programs out there that can mask people’s identity”

NBC’s 11 Alive in Georgia also did a post on the incident. The NBC 11 Alive’s post noted that several members of the lacrosse team are students at Centennial High School in Roswell. NBC 11 Alive reached out to the officials at Centennial High School for comment,

When 11 Alive reached out to Fulton County Schools for a statement, it was made clear that this lacrosse team is in no way associated with Centennial High School and that only a few of their students were on this local lacrosse team.

This incident is particularly hurtful because of the recent deaths of 2 teens from the Roswell area in August that rocked the community. One of the teens, Carter Davis, was a beloved lacrosse player at Roswell High School.

This is obviously not a laughing matter and anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the police.