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The Baltimore Sun Talks To Morgan State’s New AD About Possible Addition Of Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse.

Nothing definitive yet but it’s on his radar.

Morgan State v West Virginia Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Baltimore Sun’s Jonas Shaffer interviewed Morgan State’s new Athletic Director, Edward Scott. Scott, a former all-conference outfielder and an Academic All-American at Albany, will officially take over as AD at Morgan on November 7th. Scott’s still the senior Senior Associate Athletics Director at George Washington until then, but he accepted the Morgan State job offer earlier this month and is excited to start his new gig.

One of the most interesting parts of the interview with Scott came towards the end when Shaffer asked Scott about how Scott would approach Morgan State President Wilson's wish to explore adding men's and women's lacrosse as varsity programs.

While Scott made sure to not say anything definitive, it was great to see that he had given the subject some thought and that lacrosse is on his radar. Hampton made a big splash last season when it became the first historically black college to field a D1 team. (Ed. Note: Morgan State’s legendary team from the 70s played D1 teams but was officially a Division II squad.)

Here is a little bit from the interview. I highly encourage you to check out the link at the very top and read everything Scott had to say on the topic.

Could one lacrosse program be added without the other, or would they be a package deal?

From what I know, I don't believe it would have to be a package deal. Just from the brief conversations I had during the interview process, I believe, at this point, actually adding women's lacrosse would be a better situation for Morgan just because of what I know about the Title IX numbers. And now, not having all the specifics, I think women's lacrosse is probably, like I said, would equal out the number of opportunities for student-athletes. But I would look at both programs and see.