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2017 ACC Tournament At Duke's Koskinen Stadium.

Well that settles that.

NCAA Lacrosse: Quarterfinals- Syracuse-Johns Hopkins Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Back in September,’s Lindsay Kramer reported that the ACC men’s lacrosse tournament would not return to Kennesaw State University in Georgia for the 2017 season. As we all remember from back in May, a torrential rainstorm wrecked havoc on the 2016 championship game between Syracuse & Duke, as Fifth Third Bank Stadium transformed into a lake by the second half of the title game.

While the rain was a bummer the low attendance figures were equally disheartening and may have played a role in the decision to move the tournament out of Georgia. Indeed, there were whispers back in May that the ACC might not return to KSU for the 2017 tournament.

BOSS Tiffany of Virginia hinted that he was in favor of moving the ACC tournament back on-campus.

"My opinion is I like the idea of going back to the on-campus venues,'' Tiffany said. "I'm excited about going some place where you do have access to the student body and you do have access to the ACC community. To me, it's not about the number (of fans). You can have 4,000 people and have atmosphere.''

It seems like coach Tiffany’s wishes were answered as the ACC today announced that Duke would host the 2017 ACC tournament.

The Atlantic Coast Conference announced that the 2017 ACC Men's Lacrosse Championship will be held at Duke's Koskinen Stadium, following its annual fall meetings which wrapped up on Thursday.

Ed. Note: I LOVE the picture they used for the post.

While we can understand the logic of holding the tournament on-campus, we at College Crosse still believe the right move was to have the tournament in Chester, PA. The Kid Chris stated the reasons why Chester’s Talen Energy Stadium was the best choice for the 2017 ACC tournament back in September & nothing’s changed since then. I am certain that Koskinen Stadium is a wonderful place and that Duke has a lovely campus, but the tournament #ShouldveStayedInChester.