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Johns Hopkins Lacrosse 2016 Hype Video.

Call the fire department because this video is nothing but flames.

Stand up, Hopkins!
Stand up, Hopkins!
John Moore/Getty Images

The Jays just Tweeted out this pretty awesome hype video for the 2016 season. Obviously, I had to share with the Nation!

Some things that caught my eye.

  • The black and white look is pretty awesome. 

  • I don't know where the beat is from originally, but I think that's T-Pain yelling "Holla" every now and again throughout the video.

  • I believe most, if not all of the projected starters make an appearance in the video. You can see Philly's own, Joe Carlini, at the 1:09 mark. I didn't see them in the video, but shout outs to Hop's other Philly products, freshmen Lane Odom and Drew Supinski, and senior Eddie Morris.

  • They do it all for Petro! (22 second mark.)

  • Best shooter in the game, and 2015 Cincinnati Bengals intern, Ryan Brown, at the 50 second mark.

  • Get well soon, Connor! (1:07 mark.)

  • Defensive anchor, Nick Fields at the 1:29-1:33 mark

  • I see you Crawley!!

Anyway, whether you like Hop or not, the video is pretty short and worth your time.

This will definitely be an interesting season for Hopkins. The graduation of several key seniors from the 2015 team, including four year star Wells Stanwick and two year starter at goal, Eric Schneider, will be difficult to overcome. As will not having two time captain, Michael Pellegrino, at LSM anymore.

Moreover, besides Nick Fields, there aren't many Hop defenders with lots of playing time under their belt. Additionally, the loss of Connor Reed was huge for a program that was already without 2015 3rd Team All-American, Joel Tinney for the season.

Regardless, I think Hop is still a very talented team and believe they'll make some noise this year. Furthermore, the Jays brought in a deep and very talented freshman class, which should provide some help for an offense that is suddenly down two starters. As for the defense, I believe BOSS Petro will figure out something by the time the season starts.

Doubt the Jays if you want, but I'm pretty sure they' send a message early that they are still a top 5 team. We'll explore Hop and the rest of the Big Ten next week in our B1G conference preview. Until then, let us know what you think of the video.