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College Crosse Conference Breakdown: U.S. Men’s U-19 25-Man Roster.

Let's find out which conference has the most players named to the Team USA U-19 25-man roster. USA! USA! USA!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

First off, before we begin, shout out to America! Let's run that anthem back. Hit it, Whitney!

Best rendition of the national anthem ever, don't @ me! Love you, W.H.!

Sorry for the digression. Moving on. If you live on Twitter peruse social media, you might have seen this Tweet yesterday from the @USLacrosse account.

Obviously congrats to everyone named to the final 25-man roster. But let's not forget all the players who were in the running over the last 7 months. This has been a long and I'm sure grueling endeavor for the all players who tried out, and the coaches making the decisions.

Indeed, the process originally began last summer when 105 players visited Stevenson University in Owings Mills, Md to compete for 50 spots. That 50 was then whittled down to 30 in August of last year. Trying out for Team USA is quite a commitment and everyone should be commended for putting in the work to even be considered for the squad.

Team USA splits everyone by position but I figured it would be fun to see how all the conferences stacked up against each other. Anyone bolded indicates they are still in HS and the school next to them signifies where they are committed. Got it? Good! To the chart-machine!

Team USA U-19 25-Man Roster Conference Breakdown
Conference Player/School Conference Total
ACC Timmy Kelly, UNC.
Dox Aitken, UVA.
Ryan Conrad, UVA.
Bryan Costabile, Notre Dame
Terry Lindsay, Duke.
Brad Smith, Duke.
Hugh Crance, Notre Dame.  
Jack Rowlett,  UNC.
Jack Pezzulla, UNC.
Big 10 Mac O'Keefe, Penn State.
Jared Bernhardt, Maryland.
Drew Supinski, JHU.
Matt Borges, OSU. 
Patrick Foley, JHU.
Thomas Wright, PSU.
Willie Klan, OSU.
Gerard Arceri, PSU.  
Christian Feliziani, OSU.

Austin Henningsen, MD
ACC Alex Roesner, Penn.
Michael Sowers, Princeton.
Tyler Dunn, Penn.
Austin Sims, Princeton.
Noah Lejman, Penn.
Phil Goss, Brown.

There it is. In a close one, the Big Ten beat the ACC by a hair.

Some thoughts:

  • Shout out to Philly. 5 of the 25 players on the roster hail from Philly area high schools. (I see you Haverford, Episcopal, and Upper Dublin!)

  • Baltimore (6) and Long Island (6) beat Philly for number of players from one concentrated area. The state of NY claims 7 of the 25 players, but Willie Klan, is from Penfield, N.Y. which is in upstate. 

  • The Quakers and the Buckeyes are putting in work on those recruiting trails.  Penn and OSU each have 3 players on the list.  To give some perspective, UVA, Duke, 'Cuse, JHU, and Notre Dame have a combined 8 players. 

  • All three face-off players named are at/going to Big Ten schools.

  • 0 players from the Big East and Patriot League on the roster.

I think that's all I gathered from the release. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Again congrats to everyone named to the squad! I'm sure you'll all represent the country well. For those looking ahead, Team USA U-19 squad will be going for a record 8th gold medal at the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) U-19 Men’s World Championship, on July 7-16, 2016, in Coquitlam, British Columbia. GO USA!