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The College Crosse #Snowpocalypse2016 Binge List

Stuck inside? We got you, fam! Here are some things you should watch to wait out Winter Storm Jonas.

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Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas Joe Jonas Winter Storm Jonas has wrecked havoc on the east coast, forcing the cancellation or postponement of events from NYC to North Carolina and everything in-between. Most of the coverage is, of course, focused on the DC to NYC corridor. While I ALWAYS love when the northeast is the center of attention, even I can get a little tired from all the non-stop panic-mongering informative storm-coverage.

However, if you're like me, and a snow emergency is in effect in your city, your weekend entertainment options are pretty limited. But there is one thing (besides pizza) that is always there for you in your darkest snowiest hour -- TV (or some other screen you use to consume Friends reruns)! With practice canceled and your weekend plans ruined, you might as well clear out that DVR or find something new to watch. To help you out, below is a list of shows (and 1 movie) that should help you kill the next 24 (48? 72?) hours.

Some ground rules:

  • Most of these picks exceed junior's parental controls, so best not to have any of them on in the background while the family plays Jenga.
  • I didn't include shows that are done (The Wire, 30 Rock) or shows on hiatus right now (Archer, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, Broad City, etc).
  • I've kept the tv shows to ones available on cable/On-Demand  & left Netflix/Amazon shows off as well, as not everyone has those services.

Got it? Good! To the DVRmobile!

TV Shows.

  • Spotless, Esquire: My favorite show right now. It  revolves around Jean Bastières (a  French crime scene cleaning business owner) and his brother Martin, as they inadvertently get entangled with the biggest mobster in London/U.K.
    Part The Wire and part Breaking bad, this show really gets after it from episode one, so buckle up. (Ed. Note:  I am a sucker for that gangster shi
    urban crime dramas set in London (What up, LAYER CAKE!), so take this recommendation with a grain of salt.)

  • Man Seeking Woman, FXX: Entertaining show that I think really strikes a cord with recent grads/young professionals. Jay Baruchel stars as Josh Greenberg, a late 20s, semi-employed, non-professional as he struggles through a post-breakup world. The premise sounds pretty cliche, but MSW has that Family Guy trait, wherein they use outlandish and phantasmagorical interruptions to create some pretty hilarious scenes. If you're looking for a show like Workaholics or Broad City until they come back on, definitely give Man Seeking Woman a shot.

  • It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, FXX: The Philly gang doesn't need much of an introduction. Sunny is arguably the G.O.A.T. for comedies of the last 10 years.  30 Rock may get the nod, even from me, but Sunny merits consideration. Given that it's their 11th season, you'd think they'd fall off a cliff by now, but the first three episodes this year were dynamite and these guys just keep bringing the goods. (Ed. Note: I'm still singing Jessie's Girl three days later.)

  • The Thick of It: Haha, I know I said shows only on On-Demand and still active, but The Thick of It is my favorite show of all time so it's on the list.  Additionally, it is on regular Hulu, so you can watch it for free. If you like Veep, then you'll love The Thick of It , as both were created by (the God) Armando Iannucci (similar to the British Office and then came the American version). 
    The show stars my spirit animal, Peter Capaldi (the new Doctor Who), as Mr. Malcolm Tucker, your enforcer's favorite enforcer. Malcolm leads you through a bumpy, crash course in the murky world of British politics & media. But I think the best part is that you get to hear lots of Brits say "schedule."  (Ed. Note: it gets me every time.) The show is HEAVY on the foul language, but it does so in such a balletic way that you almost forget to put on the earmuffs. Definitely not work-watching material, but it's perfect for the cozy confines of your snow covered abode on this blustery weekend.
  • Sicario: Best movie of 2015, I don't care what that dude Oscar said. I've  been using many Sicario references in my posts and Tweets, so it's shouldn't be a surprise that I'm a big fan. I bought it the day it was available on On-Demand & there's a 99% I will watch portions of it today.  

    It stars, THE QUEEN,
    Emily Blunt, as Arizona anti-kidnapping FBI agent, Kate Macer, who stumbles onto a Mexican cartel graveyard when responding to a kidnapping case. What follows, as shadowy Department of Defense "adviser" Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) says, is a dramatic overreaction on the part of the United States (#TEAMAmerica!).

    Graver enlists Macer's help in getting back at the REAL culprits of the Arizona massacre. But Unbeknownst to Kate, that rabbit hole leads to Juarez, Mexico. Former Mexican prosecutor, Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro), is Graver's right hand man and the movie's heavy hitter. If you liked Zero Dark Thirty, then I think you'll really like Sicario.
Anyway, that's our list., hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you are already a fan of some of these or what you're bingeing on today in the comments section. Stay safe out there!