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A Note From Suxa: Thanks!

I had four great years managing this site but it's time to pass the torch.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

I assumed responsibility for College Crosse right around Valentine's Day in 2012. This was not an intelligent thing to do: In addition to trying to turn College Crosse into something, I was also writing another site and working full-time in an industry that mandated inhuman hours between January and April. This was the equivalent of dousing myself in gasoline and jumping into a chemical fire.

Yet, things managed to work out and I only sort of died a few times. College Crosse developed a tone and approach that oftentimes ran sideways, and that's a good thing. Stretching into different areas to create content and relate an experience, idea, or concept was something that was exciting to deliver to the college lacrosse community, if only because there were infinitesimal areas to explore in the laboratory. This ultimately yielded a colorful response spectrum from readers, spanning everything from "Creepy Fanaticism" to "Want to Remove Suxa's Fingernails with Pliers." That range of love/hate, though, is what I'll remember the most about my tenure as Chief Moron in Charge of Internet Website Vitality: I tried a lot of different stuff and some of it worked; whether it worked, however, was less important than trying to avoid entrenched custom.

And now it's time for someone else to give College Crosse its voice. Eri_Barrister has assumed managerial responsibility for whateverthisthingis and I hope that you give him the same chance to create an experience that you gave to me. Eri_Barrister has a team of capable folks lining up to push College Crosse into its next iteration, and I think you're going to be happy with where the site is going. I'm going to pitch in some words from time to time, but this is now Eri_Barrister's canvas.

Thank you to the folks at SB Nation for supporting and allowing this site to mature even when it was struggling to find its place. Thank you to the contributors that helped shape its focus over the last four years. And thank you to everyone that hung around and gave me a reason to ruin/make your day. I had a lot of fun serving as your guide, and I'm sure that it won't be the last time we do things together on the internet machine.