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Lacrosse the Internet: May 29, 2015

See you in hell, four-day work week!

John Mellencamp should drown in corn syrup made in middle America.


Albany's Lyle Thompson Wins Back-to-Back Tewaaraton Awards
In 2014, the Tewaaraton crowned its first-ever Native winners and its first-ever co-winners.

Zach Miller: top of the lacrosse world
At age 19, Zach Miller says he feels like he’s on top of the world. Can you blame him?

N-C-double "eh?": All-Canadian Teams
It’s been a while since the regular season ended and our keyboards here at 10-Man Ride have been a bit silent since. I have not, however, forgotten about our good neighbors to the north.

Ode to Lyle Thompson, Two-Time Tewaaraton Winner
Where to begin? Let's start at the end, of his college career, that is.

UAlbany's Lyle Thompson repeat winner of national lacrosse honor
Lyle Thompson stood with his hands on hips waiting for the winner of the 2015 men's Tewaaraton Award to be announced. His beaded necklaces, one with a hawk to represent the Hawk clan and the other with a purple and yellow Great Dane to represent the University at Albany, hung in front of his white and red traditional native ribbon shirt.

Denver's Bill Tierney is pioneering a new era of college lacrosse
On most years, the NCAA men’s lacrosse national championship is much like any other. Memorial Day vacationers occupy the stadium, two teams take the field and one program leaves with a well-earned trophy.

Denver Pioneers lacrosse coach Bill Tierney's successor is at DU
University of Denver men's lacrosse coach Bill Tierney, now with a record seven NCAA championships, might keep coaching until he is 70. Or, the 63-year-old could retire in a year or so.


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