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Lacrosse the Internet: May 27, 2015

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"A dozen wings, please." "How would you like them?" "Delicious."


Sector SPDRs May Madness: On Denver Goalie Ryan LaPlante
On the heels of 13-save, five-goals allowed NCAA championship-winning performance, let's reflect on the career of Denver goalie Ryan LaPlante for a moment.

Sector SPDRs May Madness: Denver's Championship Interviews
After winning the program's first NCAA Championship, the first title for a team from the West, the energy and jubiliation on the field was overwhelming.

Swezey: Bill Tierney's Past, Present, Future Converge in Philly
The NCAA honored Princeton’s 1997 national championship team at halftime of the Title Game on Monday. The NCAA usually honors the title team celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Jerry Price's TigerBlog: Bill Tierney - The Greatest Ever
Bill Tierney is kneeling.

Improvements/Declines in Computer Rankings from '14 to '15
Changes in computer ratings and rankings were computed for teams in men's and women's Divisions I, II, and III. Only teams that played in both years and in the same division were included. However, ranks were not altered to account for the deletions necessary to balance the lists. Teams are ranked according to their change in computer ranking (and not the raw rating) from 2014 to 2015.

Conference Computer Ratings for the 2015 Lacrosse Season
Conference power ratings were calculated for each of the three men's and women's NCAA divisions. Independents were treated as their own conference for this analysis. See the link below for additional information about the method employed.

Nike/LM Division I Men's Top 20
The rest of the NCAA tournament results are reflected in our year-end list.

As DU Lacrosse Fans Celebrate, Bill Tierney Says They’re ‘Just Getting Started’
The University of Denver Pioneers continued to celebrate their first-ever national championship in men’s lacrosse with a big party on campus Tuesday evening.

Ramsey: Bill Tierney gleefully defies lacrosse history, brings national title to the University of Denver
Denver's Bill Tierney, the emperor of American lacrosse, is celebrating his seventh NCAA title. It's a historical triumph, the first by a school in our nation's heartland.

NCAA Lacrosse: Denver's Championship One More Step in Long Series of Steps
College lacrosse looked westward with Denver's championship this past weekend. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

DU Student: Lacrosse Team’s National Championship ‘Brought School Spirit Back’
Students are celebrating a historic victory for the University of Denver men’s lacrosse team. The Pioneers beat Maryland 10-5 to secure the school’s 30th overall national championship. But on the campus on Monday the feeling was this one is especially rewarding.

Hochman: Denver Pioneers have look of lacrosse dynasty
Denver, Lacrossorado.

Hochman: Denver Pioneers have look of lacrosse dynasty
The man they call JoJo War Drummer pounded with purpose upon his rotund drum, and the pep band's crimson just looked a little crisper, and little boys clasping big lacrosse sticks and cooing college coeds and VIPs in blazers and ball caps all clapped. I'll admit, I've seen a lot of stuff in sports, and even my body tingled Tuesday as the University of Denver men's lacrosse players paraded past 2,100 fans in Hamilton Gymnasium, hoisting the national championship trophy, a world away from the East Coast and its hoit and its toit.


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