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College Crosse's Weekly Media Poll Ballot

I believe in transparency. Here's the ballot I'm submitting this week to the media poll.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In the interest of transparency, here's how I voted in the Inside Lacrosse media poll this week. Some brief explanations follow the ballot.

1. Notre Dame 1.
11. Marquette 13. +2
2. Syracuse 2.
12. Army 14. +2
3. Maryland 3.
13. Stony Brook 18. +5
4. North Carolina 4.
14. Brown 11. -3
5. Denver 6. +1 15. Princeton 12. -3
6. Cornell 5. -1 16. Georgetown 16.
7. Duke 7.
17. Loyola 17.
8. Yale 10. +2 18. Ohio State 20. +2
9. Albany 9.
19. Towson NR +2
10. Virginia 8. -2 20. Fairfield NR +1
  • New this week: Towson and Fairfield. Dropped out this week: Johns Hopkins and Navy. Also seriously considered: You? The teams that are in the conversation for the back portion of the top 20 are just as likely to knock off a top 15 team as they are to show up at the field with a bus engulfed in flames.
  • Johns Hopkins: This the first time this season that the Jays haven't appeared on my ballot. All season long I've looked at Hopkins -- like any other team -- and made an assessment on the Blue Jays based on the idea that in 100-game series there weren't too many teams that would beat Johns Hopkins more than 50 times. At 4-6 with two halfway decent but not exceptional victories (against Villanova and Navy), I finally couldn't keep fighting the tide. I went back and forth on whether to slot the Stags or Jays into that final spot on the ballot and decided to get Fairfield the nod. It's just . . . I'm struggling to continue to give Hopkins the benefit of the doubt based on tough losses against solid teams. Something needs to start flashing for the Blue Jays.
  • Stony Brook: I gave the Seawolves a push and a pretty sizeable one at that. We'll see if that holds up, but two America East teams in the top 15 is both scary and interesting.
  • Marquette: The Eagles were the beneficiary of both Brown and Princeton losing. This may be high for Marquette, but the team's coming schedule should fix any issues associated with a too high ranking at the moment. [Ed. Note: I messed up. For whatever reason I didn't put Marquette's midweek loss to Bellarmine into my update workbook. There's no other excuse: I messed up. It happens.]