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Lehigh's Canadian Connection

Lehigh made a video about it's two high-scoring Canadians. Let's discover important facts about them.

Important facts about Lehigh's two big Canadian offensive weapons -- Dan Taylor and Patrick Corbett:

  • The two attackmen have combined for 258 points in their careers. That's a lot for a duo that maintains poutine as a large block of their personal food pyramids.
  • Taylor drives a Dodge Toboggan. Corbett drives a Ford Dog Sled.
  • Each wears a Cascade toque for head protection.
  • They were once denied admission to the United States after being inspected at a Canada-United States border crossing and were found to be smuggling Tim Horton's into Dunkin Donuts territory.
  • They decided on Lehigh for its rigorous academic programs and the fact that it is closer to the equator than their hometowns.
  • Dan Taylor once sent a letter to the people at Gatorade to make a maple syrup-flavored sports drink. "It's chock full of syruptrolytes! It's what Canadians crave!" he wrote.
  • Patrick Corbett asserts that he doesn't need an off-hand because "Canada only has one road and the country's doing just fine, buddy."
  • They both hope to move to Toronto one day, and then after that, somewhere good.