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2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament: Your Lacrosse Rooting Interests in the Elite 8 (Saturday)

You have lacrosse feelings. Turn them loose on basketball.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

As I was relaxing with a few beers last night I started to think about how much of a wiseass exercise this thing is. There's no possible reason for assigning rooting interests to basketball games based on lacrosse concerns, and yet the picking record -- 4-3, assuming you throw out the UCLA-Gonzaga game as it was only a theoretical experiment in hoops -- isn't three shades of horrible. The life of Baltimore Man -- he of a white-hot lacrosse passion and having the opening verse of The Bells tattooed to his chest -- is potentially a secret code to unlocking the secrets of basketball picking sorcery.

Your rooting interests for today are as follows:

  • (2) Arizona v. (1) Wisconsin: Wisconsin. People tend to throw around Wisconsin -- along with Minnesota -- as a potential Division I program, mostly due to the fact that (1) Wisconsin has not done anything like setting the Big Ten offices in Chicago aflame, thereby maintaining the school's membership in the conference, and (2) the Big Ten has a lacrosse thing now. On the balance of rumors-that-are-supported-through-circular-logic, Wisconsin has more of a Division I lacrosse existence than Arizona as the Wildcats are a wormhole's bending of time away from throwing hands at the highest level of college lacrosse. So, yeah.
  • (3) Notre Dame v. (1) Kentucky: Notre Dame. As of the close of the 2014 season, Notre Dame lacrosse has a win-loss record of 317-162, claims four trips to Championship Weekend, has made 19 NCAA Tournament appearances, and has incubated 63 All-America selections. Kentucky lacrosse has a win-loss record of 0-0, claims no trips to Championship Weekend, is devoid of NCAA Tournament appearances, and has never dressed an All America player. KENTUCKY IS OVERRATED, PAWWWWWWWL! KENTUCKY HAS NO HISTORY, PAWWWWWWL! IMMA HANG UP AND LISTEN!

Here's your full schedule for today:

(2) Arizona v. (1) Wisconsin 6:09 P.M Staples Center, Los Angeles TBS // Web
(3) Notre Dame v. (1) Kentucky 8:49 P.M. Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland TBS // Web