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College Lacrosse Schedule for February 1, 2015

Today's opening day schedule, links to a stream and live stats, and more.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This feels right for opening day:

Here are your highlights for today:

  • Delaware at High Point: Ivan, did you see the sunrise? Delaware -- which is going to eventually find a way to play a regular season game in November at some point -- has positioned itself as the nation's lacrosse barometer again in 2015, opening the season in North Carolina against High Point. The Massey Ratings are -- based on 2014 activity rolled forward to 2015 -- giving the Hens a 62 percent chance of victory with an expected 1.5 goal margin. That's . . . that's something that exists but if you're going to try and bankroll a yacht purchase with that information, you may want to consider dumping your dollars into orange juice futures instead. Regardless of where this game goes, one thing is clear -- the season is here and New York City is expecting a half-foot of snow and ice tonight.

Here's Sunday's full schedule. If there are errors, please let me know. I'll fix/populate links to live stats and video as the day progresses (if necessary).

Delaware High Point 12:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO

This is your open thread for opening day. The key to surviving a hostage situation is to just be yourself. People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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