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Big East Announces Digital Network Lacrosse Schedule

Four Big East games -- including two in the Big East Tournament -- will find a place on the league's digital network.

Rob Carr

The television is dead, I tells ya! It went the way of the Zeppelin and doin' the Charleston! Nobody's watchin' the set anymore, ol' boy! No siree! If you're watching programs on the television you may as well still stand in a bread line!

You're not gonna believe this -- Jefferson down at the Chamber of Commerce told me this while we were listening to Big Earl's Big Band Bonanza on the talking box! -- but the Big East announced the men's lacrosse games that the league is going to air on its digital network. That sounds like something that eats your soul -- it's the devil, I tells ya! -- but it's apparently something as big as Lawrence Welk:

Announced earlier this month, the BIG EAST Digital Network is a partnership between the Conference and FOX Sports to create a conference-specific, year-round HD digital channel via FOX Sports' mobile application, FOX Sports GO. BEDN is, offering free live streaming of 80-100 sporting events annually, in addition to the authenticated live streaming of BIG EAST events on FOX Sports networks.

The wife tells me we can get that on our icebox! And it's a good thing, too! We're gonna to be able to drink some bathtub gin as we watch these beauties:

March 28, 2014: Marquette at Villanova
April 11, 2014: Denver at St. John's
April 30, 2014: Big East Tournament (Semifinal I)
April 30, 2014: Big East Tournament (Semifinal II)

Good talkin' to you, chap. I gotta go back to the unknown-period-in-American-history that I'm from!