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Vermont Enters "The Program"

The Catamounts are getting strengthier and conditionier.

Over the last few years, "The Program" has become a frequent fall conditioning effort. Unlike the movie of the same name -- "You want to make a picture with Sonny Corleone as a college football coach? Who do I make this billion dollar check out to?" -- "The Program" is actually an intense physical and mental mission that challenges teams with leadership development and team-building exercises. Basically, the regime puts insane people in bonkers situations and demands success.

Vermont -- a team that ranks 47th nationally over the last 10 seasons according to LaxPower -- seems like a perfect candidate to go through this kind of training. A montage of the team's experience is included above, and we break down the video below.

0:08: "I will not let you slip. Not one inch, not one step." That's code for "If you tuck your t-shirt into your shorts, I will shoot you out of a cannon to the moon, where you will then run wind sprints in low gravity and probably explode because space is an unrelenting prism of doom." Or something like that.

0:29: Lumberjack games! My favorite event is when they hook up a V8 engine to a saw and cut through things.

0:43: Just in case Vermont has to win a game by lying on the ground while pretending to kick asteroids falling from the sky, they'll be ready.

1:06: Water aerobics! Somebody put on the Michael Buble! We're gonna jazzercise just like the Marines!