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We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes: Lacrosse is a Sport

Lacrosse kicked the crap out of darts, which is nice.

Rob Carr

Good news, everyone! That thing that you obsess about from January through Memorial Day? It's a sport! It's true! The Internet confirmed it and everything! You should, at this point, go to your local Sporting Administration Council building and have your membership card stamped that you follow a real, actual sport. If you don't, you run the risk of getting into a protracted argument with someone that -- erroneously -- believes that lacrosse isn't actually a sport.

From the mothership:

Reddit -- that thing that turns a productive day into a furious search for .gifs to express your "FEELINGS!" -- apparently conducted the study:

The results come from Reddit user "e8odie," who had self-selected members of three different subreddits (/r/SampleSize, /r/sports, and /r/CFBofftopic) answer yes/no to whether they considered 53 different "fringe" games as sports. He got 460 total respondents, and their results are above.

So what can we learn from this? Easy:

  • Lacrosse is a sport. So if Parker Brothers tries to trademark it or patent it or something, they're totally screwed because it's not a game.
  • While lacrosse and fencing both involve things that can be used in pretend swordfighting (based on this study, I'm a little disappointed that pretend swordfighting isn't even listed as a potential sport), lacrosse is more of a sport than fencing.
  • Some percentage of respondents don't think that lacrosse is a sport. Those people also enjoy Two and a Half Men and likely eat their own underpants.
  • The flip that Mike Powell did against Massachusetts while he was with Syracuse -- essentially freerunning/parkour -- was not a sport but he did it while playing a sport. This is where we turn to Kafka for answers.