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2014 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Selection Sunday Open Thread

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The bracket is unveiled tonight on ESPNU at 9:00.


This is it, you guys. The Selection Committee will unleash a Division I men's lacrosse championship bracket tonight at 9:00 on ESPNU. Anish Shroff, Quint Kessenich, and Paul Carcaterra will walk you through the thing, presumably in sharp suits and fancy haircuts. The stories of the night are threefold:

  1. How seeding will shake out (arguably the most important aspect of all of this as seeded teams are given home games in the first round);
  2. Where unseeded teams will head; and
  3. Which teams will sneak into the field, presumably without dropping a bag of cash with a big green dollar sign on it at the Selection Committee's door.

The play-in round will faceoff on Wednesday -- likely featuring some combination of Siena, Bryant, Air Force, and Richmond -- with first round games starting at noon on Saturday. Based on the latest bracket projection aggregation from highly intelligent people, your storylines for tonight look like this:

  • Will Duke or Syracuse earn the top seed in the bracket?
  • Which seeded teams will draw horrific matchups in the first round (teams like Albany and Denver), bracket-melting dates with the capability of making a seeded team weep in horror?
  • Will Hofstra sneak into the bracket after losing the THUNDERDOME! championship yesterday? Is Harvard safe?
  • How will the selection committee balance the Delaware and Long Island quarterfinals pods?

After ESPNU finishes its extravaganza, keep an eye out for a downloadable bracket and all kinds of other nonsense. The Big Barbeque is about to have its invitation list finalized. These are the good times, people.