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Thank You!

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No, seriously: Thank you!


With the 2014 season officially put to bed after the issuance of the Tewaaraton Trophy last night, I wanted to take a second -- waitasekend! waitasekend! -- to express my gratitude to everyone that makes this site what it is: Definitely something that exists.

It's you -- the commenters, the readers, the Twitter knuckleheads, the I'm-going-to-take-a-Suxa-post-and-put-it-on-a-message-board-that-Suxa-doesn't-read folks -- that keep College Crosse going and growing. I can see everyone's passion -- both on the site, through emails, and elsewhere -- and that's both gratifying and motivating. This site is, inherently, dedicated to providing people with fan-oriented content that looks a little different from what you see elsewhere. That's the entire purpose of SB Nation -- empowering fans in unique ways. You have all impressively helped the site meet its goals, and for that I am humbly grateful.

So, I just want to say thank you to everyone out there that visits the site -- no matter how frequently -- and has become a member of this community. I may edit this . . . thing . . but College Crosse ultimately serves you because you create the energy that makes the site go. You're the core, you're the combustion that generates thousands upon thousands of words. Most importantly, you're the reason that college lacrosse continues to find its place in the national landscape.

Without you this site merely exists as a rambling notebook from someone that eats ice cream for supper far too much for a grown-ass adult. Thank you for being part of this -- the necessary part of this -- and supporting something that has been a buttload of fun to manage. Again -- thank you.

(Also -- a special thanks to Ryan for chipping in some solid work over the last two seasons. This site often looks like The Suxa Show, but Ryan's contributions have been just as valuable as anything that I've written.)

Otherwise, this is far from the end. The summer is just as busy on the site as the season itself. Off of the top of my head, this is the loose plan for College Crosse prior to the start of fall ball:

  • Eulogies: We'll decompress the 2014 seasons of all 67 Division I teams that competed this past year. The tentative start date is next week, but that could be pushed into the second week of June. It'll take almost the entirety of the summer to move through everyone, but we'll get there. The plan is to start from the bottom and work our way to the top. Expect about two pieces a day for as long as it takes to finish the job.
  • Rules Congress: This is a rule-making summer and the rules congress is expected to dominate the conversational environment. Pace of play and faceoff play are probably going to drive the discussions this year. This is where feelings will happen.
  • The Best Lacrosse Team in the History of History: We had a false start on this back in Fall 2012. We're going to try and bring this back again this summer. It'll be a tournament-style competition where we'll try and figure out the best lacrosse team in the NCAA Tournament era.
  • Dumb Stuff: There will be dumb stuff. Maybe a return of our hardboiled assistant coach series -- The Assistant?

I'll see you out there.