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Lyle and Miles Thompson Share 2014 Tewaaraton Award

The Albany attackmen took home top honors this year.

In an unprecedented move, Lyle and Miles Thompson were named the 2014 co-recipients of the Tewaaraton Trophy. The ceremony was held in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Lyle and Miles' achievement is notable in many respects:

  • Lyle and Miles are the first Native Americans to win the award in the trophy's 14-year history. As part of the Tewaaraton Foundation's mission is to "honor the Native American history of [lacrosse]" and to "give back to the Native American community in a meaningful way," Lyle and Miles' co-victory holds special meaning given their roots and the pursuit of the organization that bestowed the award upon them.
  • Lyle and Miles are the fourth winners of the Tewaaraton Award -- following Cornell's Rob Pannell in 2013, Colgate's Peter Baum in 2012, and Hofstra's Doug Shanahan in 2001 -- to not play in the national title game. More impressively, Lyle and Miles are one of just four players -- Baum and Shanahan, included -- to receive the honor despite not making an appearance at Championship Weekend (interestingly, all four players saw their Tewaaraton-winning seasons end in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament). The fact that Lyle and Miles were honored for their performances this year despite failing to progress to college lacrosse's biggest moment is unique and important.
  • Lyle and Miles are the first Albany players to win the Tewaaraton, which comes on the heels of Lyle being the first Great Dane to win the Lt. Raymond J. Enners Award. Lyle and Miles follow Shanahan as the only players from the America East Conference to win the Tewaaraton Trophy.
  • This is the 10th time that an attackman has won the award.
  • Lyle is now in a select group of only eight players -- Rob Pannell (2013), Peter Baum (2012), Max Seibald (2009), Matt Danowski (2007), Matt Ward (2006), Kyle Harrison (2005), Mike Powell (2004), and Doug Shanahan (2001) -- to win both the Tewaaraton Trophy and Enners Award in the same year. He is also the first "Lyle" to pull the trick, which is especially impressive.

Having just completed his junior campaign, Lyle has the chance to chase a second Tewaaraton in 2015 -- joining, possibly, Mike Powell as the only two-time winner of the award -- while also stalking the NCAA's record for points in a career. Miles closed his career with Albany after the Danes lost to Notre Dame in The Big Barbeque.