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Lacrosse the Internet: NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Semifinal Saturday Edition

All kinds of stuff about today's semifinal games.

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This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes. 

NCAA lacrosse Final Four 2014: Maryland look to win trilogy with Notre Dame, advance to title game
From Testudo Times

Men's Lacrosse: ND-Maryland Preview, All-Americans named & Let's look at the Kavanagh game-winner again
From One Foot Down.

Quint's NCAA Semifinal Preview: X-Factors and What to Watch
Quint has feelings about things. These are those feelings about things.

Notre Dame Has Pieces to Get Over Title Hump
Well, they made it to Championship Weekend on purpose. So, yeah.

How Would You Defend Myles Jones?
None of these answers are "With a crossbow" so they're all wrong.

Maryland's Dunn, Ikeda Having Quiet But Strong Season For Terps' D
It helps when you get to play with Murray, Amato, and Ehrhardt.

Coughlin: The 'Luck' of the Irish
I love that final five minute stat.

Denver's Brown, New Personnel Reinventing Pios Offense Each Year
Matt Brown just found a way to score six goals in 60 seconds on your lazy, couch-sitting ass.

Ryan Flanagan: 10 Questions for Championship Weekend
There are also answers, so that headline is a lie.

Final Four Breakdown: Deer Hunting and the Ninth Quarter
Never in my life have I wanted to shoot humans then when I was dragged up into a tree stand with my uncles.

NCAA Notes: Notre Dame's Finishing Touch
This isn't a story about fine wooden furniture, which is disappointing.

Amato the Backbone of Maryland's Final Four Run
Better hope he doesn't herniate a disc against Notre Dame.

Tuesdays with Corey: Final Four Storylines to Watch
None of these include "Crabcake-flavored Gatorade?"

NCAA men's lacrosse tournament: Breaking down Saturday's semifinals
Patrick Stevens has feelings about things. These are those feelings about things.

A look at the men's college lacrosse final four, from A to Z
"C" is for cookie, that's good enough for me.

Changes in Teams' Computer Rankings from 2013 to 2014
St. Joe's tops the list.

College lacrosse is a marathon, not a sprint
I don't know about that. I've seen Albany play.

2014 NCAA Championship & The LSM
Know your scope, I guess.

Men's lacrosse NCAA Final Four preview
If you're going to trust someone, trust a Jeopardy! champion.

Lacrosse Division I final four preview
Newsday wrote something about sports that didn't involve taking Francesa down a peg? Shocking!

Lacrosse is king in Maryland
That doesn't seem very democratic.

NCAA Lacrosse 2014: Game flow dictates Duke close defense
That's not what Kafka wrote. What he wrote was the Duke's close defense dictates us.

Long Island's Myles Jones making an impact for Duke lacrosse
To Bill Brasky!

Semifinals first, finals last
No kidding.

Denver is the new power in lacrosse
It's nice to see Eamonn write some stuff outside of hoopyball.

Denver's Tierney has the wisdom to shut down Duke
That's just a nice way of saying "Tierney wants to murder Duke."

All grown-up Jeremy Noble leads Denver on title mission
I'll still never wilfully trust a known Canadian.

NCAA hoping for larger crowds as men's lacrosse Final Four returns to Baltimore
Hope isn't a plan.

Mike Preston: Time to talk dynasty if Duke wins NCAA lacrosse title
Duke may already be at that stage.

NCAA Championship Attendance Figures Flatten
About 70,000 tickets have been sold as of Friday morning.

Denver's strategy in goal has opponents seeing double
I still don't understand how neither Faus or LaPlante earned an All-America nod.