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2014 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Anish, Quint, and Paul Preview Championship Weekend

Pocket squares, ahoy!

No predictions? Aw, shucks.

Anyway, ESPN is going to dominate the furniture that shows you moving images this weekend:

  • On Saturday, ESPN2 and WatchESPN will carry both national semifinal games live. Denver-Duke will lead the lacrosse feast at 1:00 ET while Maryland-Notre Dame will anchor the afternoon at 3:30. Eamon McAnaney, Quint Kessenich, and Paul Carcaterra will call the action live from M&T Bank Stadium. Importantly, #QuintFashionWatch will be in full effect. Anish Shroff will drive ESPN's studio coverage on Saturday and will be joined by Ryan Flanagan and Albany head coach Scott Marr. So, the Great Danes actually did make an appearance at Championship Weekend (sort of).
  • Things get a little crazy on Monday. ESPN2, ESPNU, and WatchESPN will carry the national championship game live at 1:00 ET. ESPN2 and WatchESPN will provide a traditional broadcast with Eamon, Quint, and Carcaterra saying things into microphones as you get fatter on the couch, but ESPNU will carry something called "Spider Cam Feed." ESPN is calling this "an alternative viewing fan experience that is integrated into the traditional telecast." I don't know what that means. Is the camera on acid? Am I supposed to, like, do something? Is this just the sky cam with a different name? Or is this a camera attached to a deadly spider let loose in M&T Bank Stadium, stalking prey and causing havoc? (It better be the last one.) Shroff will be in the building on Monday, joined by former Princeton attackman Ryan Boyle. Superlatives will be used in the studio segments as well as during the special postgame show on ESPNU starting at 3:00 ET.