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The Weekend in Stick: Crab Cakes, Please

"The Weekend in Stick": It's exactly what it sounds like -- a recapitulation of this weekend's most notable. No doink.


The Weekend in Stick will look a little different from this point until the end of the season, featuring just one part.



Your best individual performances from the weekend:

  • Backstop Circus: Albany's Blaze Riorden came the closest this weekend to the 15-save mark, stuffing 14 shots against Notre Dame. He'll take high honors this week despite falling to the Irish on Long Island.
  • Five-Goal Club and More: Mike Chanenchuk (5, Maryland); Jordan Wolf (5, Duke); and Erik Adamson (6, Denver).
  • The Power Plant: Double-Digit Point Generation: Mike Chanenchuk came close with nine points on five goals and four assists. Otherwise, nobody was able to go double-digits in the quarterfinal round. Quitters.
  • The Lyle Thompson Prism of Doom Award: There were a handful of really strong efforts this past weekend (including Matt Kavanagh's three-goal performance against Albany (which included the overtime game-winner) and Mike Chanenchuk's nine-point bruising of Bryant), but Jordan Wolf's eight-point show against Hopkins' defense (five goals and three assists) takes the cake this week. (Lyle ended his junior campaign with a three-and-three effort against Notre Dame. He will stalk the all-time career points record in 2015.) 
  • The Ether-Soaked Rag Award: This goes to Notre Dame's defense. The Irish "held" the Thompson Trio to 12 points, but more importantly limited the Great Danes to scoring one goal in the final 11:49 of regulation while causing six turnovers in that stretch. Notre Dame's late defensive performance allowed the Irish to erase a five-goal deficit and advance to Championship Weekend.

Do you have anything else to add from this weekend? The comments, they are yours.