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Hofstra Regional Approaching a Sell Out

Shuart Stadium will have more than 10,000 folks in attendance.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports



This is obviously huge news for the northern regional. Shuart Stadium has been a terrific venue for the quarterfinals, and this year Hofstra lucked out with an awesome confluence of events: Sunny weather with a high near 71 degrees (that's no-pants weather!); a Maryland team that brings name recognition and a large fanbase; Albany will be in town with the Thompson Trio circus (maybe for the last time ever!); Bryant is a short trip away and the university has already shown an ability to truck fans to a remote destination like Syracuse; and everybody knows at least 100 million Notre Dame fans. This isn't an ultimate jackpot for Shuart -- that probably would have involved Syracuse and Cornell advancing to the quarterfinals with Notre Dame and Loyola -- but it's pretty damn close.

So, what does this mean? (Answer: No clue.)

  • Is this a sign that Championship Weekend could find reinvigoration?
  • Is this a sign that northeastern fans will stay home during Championship Weekend and spend their dollars on the quarterfinals round?
  • Is this merely the result of a perfect storm of circumstances? Or is this a sign that the New York metro region is really ready to host Championship Weekend?
  • Are these all Hofstra fans that want to show up in person and throw trash at the NCAA for excluding the Pride from the tournament?
  • What does this mean for the Delaware regional?