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Bucknell Channels "Grease" for Bison Idol

Those summer . . . niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights!

"Grease" debuted -- both on the stage and in film -- before I was born. I know very little about "Grease" except that:

  1. The movie starred John Travolta before he found a new way through space-time and discovered the true identity of Idina Menzel.
  2. The soundtrack comes as a mandatory feature to all minivans.

Other than that, my knowledge of "Grease" is limited. Thanks to Bucknell's lacrosse team, though, I now know much more about . . . whatever the hell "Grease" is . . . thanks to the team's performance at Bison Idol. Let's break this down.

0:09: All men in "Grease" are apparently from 2014 Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had no idea that "Grease" had a time traveling aspect to it.

0:24: The voiceover is courtesy of the New York City subway system conductors and booth attendants. "[garbled garbled garbled] must or else [garbled garbled garbled] only making stops at [garbled garbled garbled] fire."

0:50: Too early for an Easter bonnet, yo.

1:13: Where's that pelvic thrusting on the 10-man ride?

2:09: I think this qualifies as 8-bit choreography.

4:20: So, "Grease" ends with the guy in the friend zone? Let down.