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THE FACEOFF: Week 10 (April 9 - April 15)

Basketball is over. It's time to really get yourself invested in lacrosse. THE FACEOFF can help you out.


Collge basketball's tyranny over college lacrosse is over, people. No more worrying about brackets or seeing referees huddle for 10 minutes to see if a ball went off somebody. All that stands in the way of lacrosse are (1) college softball telecasts going over their allotted time (HINT: they always do), and (2) that dumb wedding you got invited to. This is the middle of April, and this is lacrosse season at its best.

If there's any weekend to get back to watching lacrosse, this is it. Big rivalries are renewed at sacred grounds like Klockner and Homewood. Huge matchups come to the fore in Hempstead and Syracuse. Jostling for conference standing litters the schedule.

THE FACEOFF is here to get you set for all of that. We've highlighted some games to watch, given you the new media poll, updated the leaderboards to make them more Thompson-y, and have a bunch of cool graphs to blow your mind with. Here's the goods to get you set for an earth-shattering, face-melting, and whatever-else-fits-the-bill week of lacrosse:


(When you click it, the picture gets larger and way more awesome.)