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Notre Dame to Wear "Shamrock Series" Uniform Against Maryland

You're not going to believe how many times I had to rewrite that headline after writing "Shamrock Shake" over and over and over again.

These things are definitely green and gold. On a scale of "Whatever the hell Under Armour is making Maryland wear" to 10, these probably rate as a five -- not ridiculous, but not quite as a sharp as the navy blue or gold uniforms that the Irish usually wear.

The most important thing about Notre Dame's date with Maryland this weekend, though, is that the Irish could really use need a win. Notre Dame is currently 6-4 with a minimum of three games remaining on their schedule -- home to Maryland, at PPL Park against Maryland in the ACC Tournament, and home to Army. If the Irish lose out, the NCAA Tournament disappears from the horizon; splitting against the Terrapins puts the Irish in a strong position to make The Big Barbecue; losing to Maryland twice and beating Army keeps Notre Dame in the NCAA Tournament conversation but the team's profile will not be rock-solid (but it'll still be pretty damn good with (1) wins over North Carolina and Virginia, (2) a potent strength of schedule ranking, and (3) a decent RPI ranking).

Maybe this uniform should have come with some lucky charms?