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Four Players Added to Tewaaraton Watch List

Are you on the Tewaaraton Watch List? (Answer: Probably.)


It's been four weeks since the Tewaaraton Foundation added 10 players to the initial 50-player Watch List for the Tewaaraton Award. Assuming that each of Division I's 67 rosters features 40 players, that means that over two percent of Division I lacrosse was on the radar of the Tewaaraton Foundation for this year's Tewaaraton Award.

Two percent. Not the top one percent (that would be about 27 players). Not the top 50 percent of the top one percent (that would be about 13 players). The top two percent, all for an award that will eventually go to one of the top two-tenths of a percent -- not two percent; two-tenths of a percent -- of Division I lacrosse (five finalists will contend for the trophy). This is like riding a train from New York to Chicago but routing the trip through Los Angeles.

So, obviously, the Tewaaraton Foundation announced the addition of four more players to its Watch List, increasing the girth of the monitored field despite the fact that the award is destined for only the most elite of the hyper-elite.

Men's Second Round Additions
Tim Edwards, Canisius -- Junior, Midfield
Richie Hurley, Siena -- Junior, Attack
Tucker Nelson, Binghamton -- Junior, Attack
Tristan Sperry, Fairfield -- Junior, Attack

The Tewaaraton Foundation will trim the field to 25 players on April 24th. This should be fairly easy as only 25 players should appear on the Watch List anyway (the purpose of the Tewaaraton Award is to honor only the exceptional, not the very good). Players that aren't currently on the Watch List could be added to this narrowed field, which makes me wonder whether there's even a point to this Watch List other than to allow the Tewaaraton Foundation to remind you that it exists and that it will present an award at the end of the season.