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College Lacrosse Schedule for April 1, 2014

Look alive out there, people.

Your Russian dashboard cam animated .gif/video of the day:

This is actually a required element to get your Russian driver's license. Y-turns and parallel parking is nothing compared to stunt parking in heavy traffic, but them's the rules.

Anyway, there are a bunch of games today. Here are your highlights:

  • Bucknell at Fairfield: The Bison have only so many bullets left in the chamber after taking on heavy fire for much of its 2014 campaign. A win against Fairfield in a weekday matinee -- I'm not even sure if movie theaters are open at 1:00 on weekdays -- changes the complexion of Bucknell's volition following a difficult defeat against Army this past weekend. As for the Stags, a win today platforms Fairfield well for their push through April: Games against Michigan, Air Force, Quinnipiac, and Ohio State loom in the immediate and somewhat distant future. There is a legitimate possibility that the Stags could finish the regular season with a gaudy 12-2 record.
  • Quinnipiac at Stony Brook: The Seawolves will host the Bobcats in their eighth -- !!!!!! -- home game of the season so far. That's . . . well, Notre Dame, Pennsylvania, Yale, Quinnipiac, and Dartmouth haven't even played eight total games yet. And Stony Brook isn't done with home games after tonight's date against Quinnipiac: The Seawolves will get Vermont at LaValle this coming weekend, have Hartford at home to close the season, and Stony Brook is hosting the America East Tournament. I can only assume that Stony Brook is in an extended dispute with local bussing companies.

Here's today's full schedule with links to things so that you can monitor the carnage:

Bucknell Fairfield 1:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Lafayette Monmouth 3:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Delaware Manhattan 3:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Bellarmine Marquette 6:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Yale Providence 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Mount St. Mary's St. Joseph's 7:00 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO
Quinnipiac Stony Brook 7:30 P.M. LIVE STATS VIDEO

Leave your thoughts about the games or anything else (QUERY: Everything should be made out of socks, right?) in the comments below.