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Syracuse to Wear SlamBall Uniforms Against Notre Dame

The future is gross.


SlamBall was a thing that actually existed. It may still actually exist, but it's existence is only relevant to the piece because Syracuse -- via Nike -- will wear, against Notre Dame this weekend, what I can only presume are SlamBall uniforms bought at a SlamBall liquidation sale:

Here's a closer look at some component parts of the uniform:

If you're a glutton for staring at lifeless pictures, here are even more pictures of the uniform.


  • I like the lids, but do I like them because they're on a mannequin or because I actually like them? I think I like them. The block S logo really pops on them. I think Cascade hit the mark with these, even though I'm not a huge fan of the color gradient on the back.
  • The shorts and gloves: Fine. Whatever. I'm not sure of their relevance to fast breaks, but they're the least offensive part of the uniform (the shorts are basically the same as what Syracuse has been wearing all season). Which brings us to . . .
  • . . . the jerseys. Whatever future they're from I have zero interest in actually visiting. It's like Nike tried smash a football jersey into a basketball jersey into a lacrosse jersey. It's the turducken of jerseys. The shoulder stripes scream "I'm going to win Miss Cheesewheel at the county fair!" What really kills me, though, is that the uniforms don't have sleeves. What the hell is that? There's an undershirt with numbers affixed to short sleeves. These things are worse than the anthracite nightmares that Syracuse wore in the past. The "Syracuse" inscription across the front and the numbering is solid, but the loss of piping for the shoulder stripes and the murdering of sleeves is . . . tragic. I don't know, man. Tight sleeves on basketball jerseys look dumb, and they look even dumber on a lacrosse jersey.

FINAL DECISION: Mouth vomit.

More propaganda on these . . . whatever-they-ares: Here.