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THE FACEOFF: Week 8 (March 26 - April 2)

As the season reaches its halfway point, THE FACEOFF is here to set up another week of lacrosse while recapping a bit of the year.


Congratulations, you've managed to survive basketball's futile attempt at taking your mind off of lacrosse! You've also reached the halfway point of the 2014 college lacrosse season. That must mean that Spring is finally here, right? Wait, there's snow on the ground and they had to postpone the Georgetown-Villanova game because of the white stuff falling from the sky? Drats.

Well, THE FACEOFF gives you the weekly look at the world of college lacrosse even if Mother Nature has no idea what the hell's going on. As usual we give you all the scores from the past week, the latest top 20 in the media poll (which happens to have every single spot swapped this time around), and some games to watch (including a few that you can see on your television). Additionally, faithful fans of our weekly infographic will notice the return of our huge graph compiling the media polls of each week (below THE FACEOFF we've provided a full size graph so you can see it clearer). Let's take a look:


(Click to make it larger.)


(We definitely recommend clicking this to make it readable.)