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NCAA Lacrosse Rankings: College Crosse's Weekly Ballot (Week Six)

It's getting really hard to do this without laughing at the ridiculousness of trying to do this.

In the interest of transparency, here's how I voted in the Inside Lacrosse media poll this week. Some brief explanations follow the ballot.

1. Loyola 2. +1
2. Duke 3. +1
3. North Carolina 5. +2
4. Maryland 1. -3
5. Denver 4. -1
6. Cornell 9. -3
7. Notre Dame 7.
8. Virginia 10. +2
9. Johns Hopkins 8. -1
10. Yale 15. +5
11. Syracuse 6. -5
12. Princeton 11. -1
13. Fairfield 18. +5
14. Bryant 17. -3
15. Massachusetts 13. -2
16. Pennsylvania 12. -4
17. Albany 20. +3
18. Hofstra 16. -2
19. Penn State 14. -5
20. Colgate 19. -1
  • New this week: None. Dropped out this week: None. Also seriously considered: Harvard, Army. It's another week of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. I don't think any team necessarily deserved dropping from the ballot, nor has any team definitively done anything in the last week to move into the poll.
  • Everything from 12 to 20 is a mess. Looking at last week's ballot, only four teams -- Albany, Fairfield, Bryant, and Yale -- that were ranked 11th or worse had an unblemished week. That created some problems for this week's ballot. There really aren't two tiers in this bunch; it's kind of one big lump with shading coloring the specific ranking position. There isn't anything in that chunk of the ballot that should cause brains to leak out of your ears: All of those teams are uniquely flawed and dangerous, the impetus for uncertainty as to the exact placement of these teams.
  • Cornell: It's getting hard to find reasons to hold the Red back. Cornell has risen eight positions on my ballot in the last two weeks. Assuming that the Big Red thump Dartmouth next Saturday, it's going to be hard to keep an undefeated Cornell team out of the top five.
  • Notre Dame: The smartest team on the ballot this week. They didn't play, avoiding all of the anarchy. Genius!

I'm always willing to hear what you guys think. Have something to add or want to call me a moron in a few sentences? The comments are your launching pad.