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Reverse Survivor: The Mount Soldiers On

Continuing to track the winner of this season's Reverse Survivor competition.

It's still unbelievable that Reverse Survivor already crowned its champion. There's still snow surrounding many lacrosse fields throughout Division I and Mount St. Mary's stands alone as the lone winless team in the nation.1 What's especially explosive to a degree that brains are splattered all over the Internet is that Mount St. Mary's has avoided a win while its expected primary competition for this year's Reverse Survivor title have not only won, but done so somewhat unexpectedly:

  • Manhattan: The Jaspers Are 1-7, but Manhattan's win came against the Mountaineers. Mount St. Mary's was sunk by a Reverse Survivor-off! The Jaspers' win over The Mount was the lone game this season that Manhattan hasn't lost by at least three goals (Manhattan, in its losses, is losing by an average of eight goals).
  • VMI: The Keydets are 1-8, are minus-45 in goal aggregate, and have a handful of losses to teams that aren't going to scorch earth. Yet VMI has the biggest upset of the season -- a 6-4 win over Air Force, the victory taking the Keydets out of Reverse Survivor contention at the start of March.
  • Wagner: Wagner is 2-4 in 2014. TWO AND FOUR! The Seahawks haven't had a two-win season since 2005. Between 2006 and 2013 ,Wagner had four total wins while suffering through three winless seasons. Reality is fluid.

Mount St. Mary's needs a win in the worst way possible. No team or its fans deserves an existence of prolonged pain and suffering. I empathize with you, Mountaineers, even if it’s not to a degree that I send you an Edible Arrangements basket.

Mount St. Mary's (0-7)
Next Opponent: UMBC -- March 22
Chance of Victory: Fairly decent. Not only did the Mountaineers show a spark of life against Drexel, but the Retrievers are coming off of a two-goal loss to High Point (UMBC, however, did show pretty well against Towson this week). Earth wouldn't spin into the sun if The Mount beat the Retrievers (and if it did I'd have a lot of unanswered questions to ask that smarmy Neil deGrasse Tyson).
Next Reasonable Chance of Victory: UMBC -- March 22. The Mountaineers' schedule relents a little after UMBC: Mount St. Mary's will see Robert Morris, Hobart, and St. Joseph's in consecutive games. The highest ranked team -- according to LaxPower -- in that bunch is the Hawks (ranked 40th). The average ranking of these teams is 46th. If it doesn't happen for The Mount against UMBC, hope lies on the horizon.


1 Remember: New programs aren't eligible for Reverse Survivor. Thus, while Furman, Monmouth, and Mount St. Mary's are still without a victory this year, it's the Mountaineers that earned the 2014 Reverse Survivor championship.