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THE FACEOFF: Week 6 (March 12 - March 18)

Another big week means another big infographic filled with lacrosse knowledge.


Before that other sport assumes ownership of your brain next week, college lacrosse is here to say "We've got some madness of our own for you!" Last week had its share of entertaining games and caused more shakeups in the national scene. This upcoming week? Well, I hope you love yourself some rivalries.

THE FACEOFF is here to set up the week ahead while looking back on some highlights from the previous week. We've picked out games to watch, highlighted by big ACC rivalries, the start of Ivy League play, and the sport's two most successful programs (by number of NCAA titles). These highlights are a mere launch pad as there's plenty of other great matchups for you to follow. On top of all that, there are fun graphs and numbers for you to stare at.

As Mr. Suxa likes to say, "These are the good times, people." This should be, yet again, another thrilling week of hot lacrosse action. Here's your weekly edition of THE FACEOFF:


(The image will become larger and more readable if you click it, you know.)