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Lacrosse the Internet: March 1, 2014

Can't wait for Papa John's to start accepting Bitcoin.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Time for shot clocks to be visible on lacrosse fields
Well, yeah. Duh:

"It's time. It's a win-win-win situation," Sowell said. "It helps the players on the field know how much time, it helps the coaches, the fans. It's also one less thing that the officials have to worry about. When they give their signal, somebody pushes the button on the shot clock and now they don't have to worry about hand motions, they don't have to worry about waiting for their buzzers to go off. So it seems to make sense. "

"There's no downside to it because right now, the 30-second shot clock is not 30 seconds. It's 34 or 35 seconds," Sowell said. "They're not giving the signal and turning on the timers simultaneously. What they're doing is, they're giving the signal and then they're going down to their timers, which could be three or four seconds. So it's not a 30-second shot clock, and those few extra seconds can make a difference."

And somehow, after the next rules congress, not only won't there be a visual shot clock, but all schools will need to erect gigantic hourglasses that must be rotated by a licensed hourglass-turning alligator referee.


Ryan Flanagan's Top Matchups of the Weekend
Ketchup and mustard didn't make the list, which is total nonsense.

NCAA Notes: Drexel Living on the Edge So Far
More on Drexel's one-goal madness is right here: CLICK THIS BADASS HIGHLIGHTED TEXT.

Ten-2-Watch: Can Maryland Remain in Spotlight?
"Maryland's gonna be a big star, I tells ya! They're nevah gonna leave the spotlight! They're aces, I tells ya!"

Handicapping the Men's Tewaaraton Award Race
Step one: Eliminating more than half of proposed the field in the initial "Watch List."

Lacrosse Report Q&A: UMBC Attackman Matt Gregoire
The Retrievers' Matt Gregoire talked to PressBox about scoring, head coach Don Zimmerman, and how UMBC can get back to the NCAA Tournament.

Brewing Process

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