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Lacrosse the Internet: February 24, 2014

Chris Bates makes an impact on the world and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Princeton lacrosse coach helps build medical facility in Ghana in honor of late wife
There are more important things in life than simple wins and losses. Making the world a better place serves a greater purpose:

“She was a wonderful soul,’’ Bates said of his wife. “She was just a very giving, loving person. I thought a children’s hospital would be a neat project to support and a legacy for her. We’ve raised a lot of money, which is testament to who she was.

“I did some pouring of cement. I mean, what could I bring to the table?’’ he said with a laugh. “What I realized there was that this was a long-term project; not just one year and then be out of there. I already promised my son we’ll return. And doctors have committed to go back."


Sunday Post: Early League Play, Fan Polls, Monmouth's Debut, Week Ahead
That's a lot o' stuff.

Maryland Rolls Past Syracuse, 16-8
This is what being burnt by a flamethrower looks like.

Penn State Tops Notre Dame 8-7 in Another Tense Meeting
It was so tense that everyone is sending passive-aggressive Facebook messages to each other.

Virginia Builds Late Lead in 19-12 Win over Rutgers
Rutgers is showing some fire this season. The Scarlet Knights have a little bit of pop.

Depth on Display as North Carolina Races Past Dartmouth
Carolina's run of tomato cans ends with a home date against Notre Dame on Saturday.

New Era Begins at Cornell With Win as Big Red Battle Back to Beat Hobart
It's okay to take a step back, but it's how a team moves forward that is more important.

Princeton Comes Back to Top Hofstra, 12-10
Hofstra dominated the pace of play, but the Tigers eventually cracked the code.

Johns Hopkins Rolls Over Michigan, 14-5
There's still a long way to go for Michigan.

Poe, UMBC Spoil Monmouth's Impressive Debut, 10-8
Good news for Monmouth: That's a solid start. Bad news for UMBC: Monmouth?