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Lacrosse the Internet: February 20, 2014

Duke lives in a vacuum and more.

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Duke's Strong Start Flies Under Radar on Campus
Duke has won two titles in the last four seasons, has been to seven consecutive Championship Weekends, and has assumed a position among the nation's elite after years of promise. So the Devils are a big deal on a college campus that loves to love its winners, right? Nope:

"We live in a lacrosse vacuum here. There wasn't one sentence written about our [Denver] game in the school paper," said Danowski, without a tinge of resentment in his voice. "There really is no outside interest in our program here during basketball season."

You couldn't design a more comfortable bubble than the one Danowski and the Blue Devils embrace.


Swezey: Overtime Hangovers, and a New Twist on OT
I'm not sure I'm with Swezey on the OT approach he floats.

Dixon's Takeaways: Virginia 3-0, Syracuse Sizzles, Big UMass, Bryant Wins
Mark Dixon has feelings. These are those feelings.

Winners & Losers: Gorilla Ball, February Games, OT and Man Trips
I believe in Man-Ball trips.

Rahme: Weather Woes Stir Up Debate, Syracuse's Hidden-Ball Trick and Miles' New Look
Miles' weight loss is kind of shocking.

Tuesdays w/ Corey: Marquette's Happy Homecoming
Notes from around the nation.

Conference Player Awards in Division I for February 17th
Nobody won something for having the whitest teeth? You lied to me, Crest commercials!

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